The Rehabilitation Medicine Group is a multidisciplinary team of professional medical and allied health clinicians who work together to improve your health, functional abilities, mood and quality of life. We provide personalized rehabilitation programs to educate and exercise you. All of our clinicians have expertise in the rehabilitation of people with a wide variety of health conditions.

No problem is too complex.





Following a comprehensive medical assessment, we can prescribe an individually tailored pain rehabilitation program from a short physiotherapy 6 session course through to a comprehensive 12 week multidisciplinary course. We treat not only your pain, but you and the effects that pain has on your life. Our multidisciplinary programs of neuroscience education, cognitive skill training and specific neuromuscular exercises teach you to reduce and control your pain, then teach you to live without pain and take charge of your life again. Injections or surgery are not required.

You can reduce medication use, improve sitting, standing and walking tolerances, improve sleep and mood, return to your usual daily activities, return to recreational activities and return to work. Your fitness, general and psychological health can all be significantly improved.
Our neurological rehabilitation programs are personally tailored to enhance your recovery using the exciting new principles of neuroplasticity (the ability to change how the brain and spinal cord function). This can improve balance, strength, walking and running ability, independence to perform your usual activities and aid in a return to sports and work. Featuring the new LSVT® BIG neuroplasticity program for Parkinson's Disease with Darren Lau. This intensive program involves 1 hour training sessions, 4 days a week for 4 weeks.
After a cancer treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy has been completed, this rehabilitation program helps you get on with living. This program can help with pain management, fatigue management, help you set goals for your future, improve your fitness and strength, improve your mood and improve your quality of life. We can assist in returning you to work or recreation.
We offer a short course on pain rehabilitation for osteoarthritis to reduce pain, maximise joint function, improve function and quality of life. Improving pain and function with rehabilitation compares favourably with outcomes after joint replacement - without the surgery! We will advise on dietary management, pain medications, exercise and cognitive strategies.
Our multidisciplinary team strategies work well to reduce pain and improve function in older adults. We also aim to reduce medication use, improve balance to prevent falls, improve fitness and strength, improve walking style and endurance. This will maximise independence, improve quality of life and help return people to their recreational pursuits and sports. Our programs are individually prescribed and combine aspects of cardiac, pulmonary, pain, neurological, falls and balance rehabilitation programs.
As pain lasting longer than 3 months after surgery is unlikely to change with standard treatments, we offer a neuroscience based multidisciplinary program of desensitisation, exercise and cognitive strategies to treat pain and start you on the road to recovery. This includes a review and rationalisation of medication, an activity based plan, return to work, recreation and sport management. We have particular expertise post spinal and shoulder surgery and following knee and hip joint replacement.
We treat people with acute and chronic spinal pain involving the neck, thoracic region or lower back (and sometimes all three). We apply the latest neuroscience based exercise and cognitive strategies to reduce pain, improve function and activity and return people to work and recreation. We instruct you on safe postures, movements, exercise and activities, review medication use and support your healthy spine.


The Rehabilitation Medicine Group was established in 2013 to provide a private and personalised approach to the rehabilitation of chronic pain and disability resulting from disease, injury or illness.

At its core is the philosophy of providing clinically excellent rehabilitation programs of education and exercise to enable a person to better manage their own health. We are passionate about providing the best evidence based rehabilitation solution for you to improve your ability to move, function, work, socialise and play. Dr Nathan Johns, a specialist Rehabilitation Medicine Physician, leads our team of rehabilitation clinicians.


Rehabilitation Medicine is a person-centred medical speciality focused on assisting people to achieve their goals. It has the advantage of being a team based specialty that utilises the knowledge and skills of allied health practitioners with additional expertise to achieve better health and functional outcomes. Rehabilitation Medicine focuses on the whole person including their psychological and social well-being, not just their affected body part.

The Australian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM) is the peak professional organisation for Rehabilitation Medicine education and training in Australia and New Zealand. It is a Faculty of the Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP).

Dr Nathan Johns
Rehabilitation Physician

Dr Johns is a specialist Rehabilitation Medicine Physician with 20 years of expertise in managing chronic pain and disability. He is the Director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Group. He graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in 1996. He is a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM, RACP). He has speciality training and experience in all aspects of rehabilitation including pain management, neurological rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury and the rehabilitation of Older Adults. Dr. Johns is the Head of Unit - Rehabilitation Medicine at Peninsula Health. Dr Johns has consulted at Epworth Rehabilitation Brighton since 2006, admitting rehabilitation inpatients. His research interests include persistent post surgical pain and he is enrolled in PhD studies at Monash University. He is an adjunct lecturer at Monash University. Dr Johns consults at the Rehabilitation Medicine Group on Tuesdays and  Thursdays. 

Dr Kal Fried
Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician

Dr Kal Fried is an experienced specialist in Sports and Exercise Medicine having attained Fellowship of the Australian College of Sports Physicians in 1995. His practice has included working in the Victorian snowfields, at the Melbourne Football Club (AFL) and Collingwood Football Clubs and as team doctor for the AFL Australian International Rules team. Dr Fried has also supported other elite sporting teams including the Australian Diamonds netball team. Dr Fried is a medical advisor on the Clinical Panel for both the TAC and WorkSafe as well as practicing as an Independent Medical Examiner. In addition to his sports medicine skills including ultrasound guided injection techniques, Dr Fried has particular interests in the neuroscience of pain, treating persistent  pain with desensitisation, exercise and conditioning prescription in injury and pain as well as general medical condition management. Dr Fried joined the multidisciplinary team at the Rehabilitation Medicine Group in October 2016 to further his interest and management of persisting pain. Dr Fried is consulting on Tuesday and Friday afternoon. A link to his pain website is here.

Darren Lau

Darren Chun Kiat Lau is a qualified physiotherapist and a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Darren specialises in chronic pain management and general and neurological rehabilitation. Darren is a LSVT® BIG Certified Clinician and is able to deliver this intensive neuroplasticity program for people with Parkinson's Disease. After studying physiotherapy at Melbourne’s LaTrobe University, Darren gained both experience and passion working as part of the rehabilitation team at the Epworth Rehabilitation hospitals. Darren has an active treatment approach and utilises our on-site rehabilitation gymnasium to retrain the body and the mind. Darren is part of our Aged Care Rehabilitation Team and is able to treat people in their home or residential care facility. For Chinese speakers, Darren also speaks Mandarin and Cantonese. Darren consults Monday to Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons.

Dr Leah Levy
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Leah Levy joined the Rehabilitation Medicine Group team in September 2016. Dr Levy is a registered psychologist with specialist training in Clinical and Health Psychology, including endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist by AHPRA. Dr Levy is passionate about working in rehabilitation and pain management with a strong background in both hospital and private practice. This includes pain management at St George's Health Service's Pain Clinic for Older People (current), Dorset Rehabilitation Centre and the Barbara Walker Centre for pain Management at St Vincent's Hospital. Dr Levy has worked with people of all ages including in the oncology setting, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Dr Levy works collaboratively with patients towards self-management using individualised cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques. Dr Levy completed her Doctor of Psychology in 2011 with her thesis entitled "Psychological, symptom, and decision-related distress in men with prostate cancer". Dr Levy is currently on maternity leave.

Dr Joanne King
Clinical Neuropsychologist

Dr King is a registered and experienced clinical neuropsychologist having achieved a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) from Victoria University following a science degree in psychology. Dr King also has a Master in Human Nutrition and combines lifestyle management with psychological treatments to improve health and wellbeing. Dr King has extensive experience in the neuropsychological assessment and treatment of traumatic and acquired brain injury (eg. Stroke and Parkinson’s disease) having worked in inpatient and community rehabilitation settings. Dr King utilizes mindfulness integrated cognitive behavioural therapy to treat persistent pain and neurological conditions as well as irritable bowel syndrome, sleep impairment, depression, anxiety, stress and chronic fatigue. Dr King is consulting on Tuesdays.


Kerry has returned to The Rehabilitation Medicine Group as our medical receptionist, having been there at the start for the set-up. She is an experienced medical receptionist, personal and executive assistant and business manager with a smile.



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